My Investment Objective

I always believe that things happen for a reason. I still remember back in  year 2005 – 2007 when I purchased a huge sum of Chinese Renminbi (huge sum for a penniless fresh graduate back then). That was right after I came back from my four month stint in Beijing for language study. Back then in late 2004, 1 RMB can buy approximately 1000 worth of Indonesian Rupiahs. As of today, RMB has strengthened so much that 1 RMB now can buy IDR 2k.

My reason to invest in RMB back then, was because I felt things in China were so cheap. I remembered on my first day in Beijing, we went for dinner at a fancy Chinese restaurant, just opposite our campus, BLCU in Wudaokou area. When I stepped in, I could almost feel the sense of regret. Regret knowing that this could be a huge mistake. Imagine, a penniless young graduate with limited budget had to spend some huge amount for money for a dinner. In my mind, I always thought that such a fancy dining like that would cost us easily close to S$15-$30 per head. After our sumptuous dinner, I was shocked to read the total bill. My share of dinner was less than RMB 8 (equivalent to US$1) back then.

Ever since, I discovered that Chinese Renminbi were definitely extremely undervalued. That’s when I decided to buy a lot of Renminbi. Hoping that I could just keep it and perhaps use it again the next time I return to China.

I discovered the world of investing from reading various books. It started with Rich Dad Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki) during my university days. Then Unlimited Power (by Anthony Robbins), then Think And Grow Rich (by Napoleon Hill). And subsequently, I discovered Intelligent Investor (by Benjamin Graham) back in 2008. Ever since, I’ve read more books on value investing & other various investment methods.

My investment objective is simple, to make money. The objective can be simple, but the execution cannot be too simplistic. In other words, we also need to consider all the pitfalls of various investment methods. The key here is to simplify the complex world of investment without losing the essence. You don’t have to invest in a complex investment vehicle. You also don’t need to have an IQ of 160 in order to be successful in investing. But it takes a huge dose of common sense. Understand the business model. How does the company make money. Understand time value of money and compound interest. Understand that time is money.

My medium term goal is to generate passive income large enough to cover our family’s annual expenses. There are many ways to generate passive income, however what I will cover in this blog is mostly on generating passive income from stock investing. Why do I need to generate passive income enough to cover the annual expenses? Because that is the definition of being financially independent. This is the first step towards being financially free.

I’d like to leave you with this note… “Success is a process not a destination.” By enjoying the process along the way, we won’t lose our soul when reaching our destination some day.

Tortoise and Rabbit


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